Innovative Approach

Market Share Solutions was founded as a Lead Generation Technology firm, and quickly evolved into a successful nationwide recruiting agency. We utilize innovative online marketing techniques to spotlight individuals that aren’t actively looking for a job, but may be the perfect fit for your opportunity.

Speed to Market

By leveraging our proprietary in-house technology, coupled with some of the industry’s most useful recruiting tools, we are able to fill most opportunities within 21 days, while our competitors sometimes take as long as 60 to 90 days to successfully recruit qualified candidates.

Candidate Guarantee

With every candidate that we place with our clients, we offer a candidate guarantee for peace of mind. If for any reason, the candidate is not working out, not producing results, or decides to leave by their own accord, we will replace the candidate at no additional cost.

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Trusted Partners

“Market Share Solutions has offered our company some of the absolute best Sales Professionals in the industry. They truly understand our needs, and are excellent at finding young, up and coming talent. They are now the only firm we turn to when we need experienced salespeople and C-Level talent.”
– Director of HR, Drilling Services Company