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“We’ve used recruiting agencies in the past, but it was hard to justify paying a Finder Fee for a candidate that would just apply for the job from an online job posting. Once our company was in growth mode, we quickly found out that great salespeople weren’t on the job boards or unemployed, so we turned to Market Share Solutions. After a few weeks, we were able to hire someone from an adjacent industry, and after 3 years, that individual is now our Sales Manager. I highly recommend the staff at Market Share Solutions if you are looking to find a long term Salesperson for your company.”

Construction Materials Supplier 

“To be honest, I wasn’t even looking for a new job when I was contacted by a Market Share Solutions recruiter. I get several calls a week from headhunters, but it was refreshing when they actually had something great to talk about. Within 2 weeks, they sent me on 3 interviews, and I eventually received 2 employment offers. I received a 20% raise, and love my new boss. I now send all of my friends and colleagues to MSS.”

Industrial Technology Company 

“Market Share Solutions has offered our company some of the absolute best Sales Professionals in the industry. They truly understand our needs, and are excellent at finding young, up and coming talent. They are now the only firm we turn to when we need experience salespeople."

Drilling Services Company